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Do you suffer from warts?

Do not you know how to remove them really efficiently? Take care of professionals.

Warts are a problem for many people. Complete removal of warts can be in many times very time-consuming. In particular, typical viral warts are very dangerous and tend to continuously return.

What are skin warts?

Skin warts are benign skin lesions caused by one type of the human papilloma virus (HPV). One of the features of these lesions is proliferation and dilation of the blood vessels.

  • The Coolbreeze mode of the Cooltouch device delivers continuous performance of laser pulses at the 1320 nm wavelength.
  • Therefore, a longer exposure time is ensured, resulting in heating of a larger volume of tissue and up to a greater depth. This leads to inflammatory reactions and wound healing. The size of the point in the Coolbreeze mode is set according to the size of the wart and with the unique possibility of setting the desired target temperature and cooling with a cryogenic spray. The tissue is thus safely heated to a high healing level without more significant discomfort.


  • It is a very comfortable therapy.
  • Almost painless, the treated tissue is cooled with cryogenic spray.
  • It is effective and very fast, taking about 10 minutes.
  • Multiple places can be treated during one session.
  • The treatment has no side effects.
  • At the end of treatment, redness, darkening or fading of the affected tissue may occur.
  • A scab can form at the treated site, which should drop within 1-2 weeks.


Wart removal with laser Price
1 wart / patch of 2 to 6 mm €28
2 to 5 warts / patch of 2 to 6 mm €41
Every further wart / patch over 5 pcs / 2 to 6 mm €13


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