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At eveclinic Bratislava we are aware of the claim that "the best healthcare facilities are not about external appearance, but the skill and expertise of each physician and nurse entering the operating room".

Our goal

Eveclinic is a clinic of plastic and aesthetic surgery with team of three certified plastic surgeons – MUDr. Ctibor Caban, MUDr. Jozef Fedeleš and MUDr. Dominika Kevická. The clinic was founded on the basis of experienced staff and philosophy "to be a place where clients would like to return for its spirit of surgical precision, pleasant environment and excellent care”.

We are a Transparent Clinic at Estheticon Portal

What does this mean for patients?

  • A transparent clinic allows all of their patients to evaluate the outcome of an operation.
  • The transparent clinic then accepts the ratings from its patients.

Choosing a Transparent Clinic means:

  • the most ideal way to choose a professional and responsible physician
  • ensuring better communication within post-operative care
  • always the most professional approach of doctors in case of complications.


“We stand behind the results of our work!”


Eveclinic in Bratislava offers top services in the field of liposuction with an ultra-modern VASER Lipo device, facial adjustments, surgical corrections of breasts, abdomen and other body parts.


We offer our clients services in our newly opened premises with a comprehensively reconstructed operating tract with a super-sterile environment, ambulatory area, reception and rooms for clients. The clinic is equipped with state-of-art air conditioning and sterilisation technology. In addition to plastic surgery staff, clients are also cared for by experienced anaesthesiologists not only during surgery but also during post-operative medication.

Our physician team

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