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Hydrocele is a fairly common ailment that affects only the men. It is an accumulation of amber liquid within between the layers of the tunica vaginalis of the testicle, which results in enlargement on one side or both sides of the scrotum.

What causes the hydrocele?

The most common cause is a congenital failure to close the perineal body after testicular descent. If a hydrocele is diagnosed at an early age and fails to heal spontaneously during the first 2.5 years of life, the problem is usually resolved by hydrocelectomy.

"However, hydrocele can occur anytime during the man's life after an injury or inflammation, but it usually appears without a known cause. Hydrocele can be unpleasant due to its size because it manifests itself by a significant enlargement on one side or both sides of the scrotum, but it can also have health consequences. Its existence impairs thermoregulation of the testes and can thus have a negative impact on the sperm quality," explains the Eveclinic urologist MUDr. Simona Zatkuliaková.

What are the symptoms of a hydrocele?

The man usually finds a hydrocele himself by noticing testicular enlargement without any other issues: no pain, temperature or problems with urination.

"It appears that as the hydrocele does not hinder the man otherwise than with its size, there is no need to be bothered or deal with it in any way. However, it is quite the opposite. The testicular enlargement should be assessed by a specialist because serious illnesses such as testicular cancer or inflammation can manifest themselves in a similar way. Consultation with a specialist to confirm a correct diagnosis is therefore essential,“ MUDr. Simona Zatkuliaková, the clinic's urologist points out.


How is hydrocelectomy carried out?

Hydrocelectomy is similar to inguinal hernia surgery. The inguinal canal is open from a 2 - 3 cm incision in the groin and the hydrocele sac is ligated. The groin and surgical wound are then stitched up usually by absorbable suture so that later removal is avoided. The subcutaneous fluid is then absorbed and the ailment usually does not return. However, it can still happen. In this case, both tunica vaginalis are stitched up so that the fluid can no longer emerge.

The surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia and takes about 60 minutes. At Eveclinic Bratislava, we perform hydrocelectomy for adult and child patients. After the surgery, we recommend on-day hospitalization to overcome the effect of general anaesthesia.

Post-hydrocelectomy recovery

The recovery period depends on the particular person, but the entire uncomplicated healing period is usually 3-4 weeks. The following routine must be observed after the surgery: the first week indoor, without sport or physical exertion. Keep strict hygiene in the operated area until complete healing, do not go to a swimming pool, sauna or Turkish bath.

If the patient performs light office work, he can work one day after the surgery. If possible, choose home office because sitting posture can cause difficulties when going out to work. The same applies to longer walks or drives. If the patient performs physically strenuous work, we recommend incapacity to work for 2 - 3 weeks after the operation.

Healing and scar following hydrocelectomy

The male scrotum is highly prone to swelling. Any surgery in this area is accompanied by smaller or larger swelling. Physical exertion promotes swelling, so it is important to avoid it and keep strict indoor routine. Faster absorption of the swelling can be facilitated by suitable underwear, which must be worn until complete healing.

Another suitable support is the use of aescin, which normalizes capillary permeability and acts against inflammation. It is a natural extract from chestnut that can be freely obtained at the pharmacy.

Any surgical wound requires careful care to ensure trouble-free healing and the best possible functional and aesthetic result. When the wound heals and the suture absorbs, the wound should be massaged with a greasy cream such as medical Vaseline 3 to 4 times a day.

Risks and complications following hydrocelectomy

As any surgery, also hydrocelectomy involves certain risks. The most common complication is swelling of the scrotum and discharge from the surgical wound for several days after the surgery. The incision area may become infected, the wound healing may be problematic or it may bleed. However, these problems occur in less than 10 cases out of 100. The patients may very rarely experience chronic pain of the scrotum or relapse of the ailment. The healing and recovery of a completely healthy man is mostly trouble-free.

What is the price of hydrocelectomy?

The price of hydrocelectomy at Eveclinic is 1,100 EUR. It includes the surgery and general anaesthesia. The operation is always preceded by a personal consultation with the doctor.


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