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Who is the treatment suitable for?

When breasts are reduced, it is important for the woman to be in good physical and mental health. It is necessary to know, in particular, what reduction or what kind of breasts the woman wants to have after surgery. Breast reduction is not recommended for women under the age of 20 when development is ongoing. The breasts may continue to grow until this time, and the procedure would require re-operation. The operation removes excess breast tissue, and the surgeon models the remaining breast tissue so that the nipple and areola complexes move into a suitable position.

Very frequently, the breasts are so large that their weight does not correspond to the proportions of the female body. This causes great back and head pain in these women. If you suffer from these health problems and the usual medication is ineffective, your surgeon may recommend you undergo breast reduction. At a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon, you will tell him/her your ideas and reasons why you want to reduce your breast size. Your doctor will evaluate the condition and elasticity of your skin and show you where the scars would be made. Then you will agree on the size and shape of your new breasts. It is also necessary to tell your doctor about the medications you are taking. Patients who consider breast reduction after breastfeeding are advised to wait for at least half a year to a year after they finish breast-feeding. Breast reduction is performed under general anaesthesia, so it is necessary to be in a good health. Before surgery, a full internal examination is required to avoid complications during or after the procedure. At an older age, approximately 40-45 years, the surgeon sends you for a breast mammographic examination. In Bratislava, we take you home after surgery. If you live outside of Bratislava, it is necessary to arrange your own transportation. Make arrangements with someone who can help you after surgery and take care of you for one to two weeks.

During surgery

Breast reduction surgery takes 2-3 hours. It includes removal of excess tissue from your breasts. The standard incision is made around the areolas, then vertically to the line under the breast, where it continues along this line. The cut may resemble the shape of an inverted anchor. The surgeon will further remove the excess tissue and tighten the breasts. An important step is the adjustment of areolas and nipples. When transferring this complex of areola and nipple, a hinge, on which the complex hangs, is used.

After surgery / Recovery

After surgery, the patient stays hospitalised for 1 day. The first hours after waking up from anaesthesia you can feel pain that can be managed with analgesics. You will have your breasts covered with a bandage, which will be replaced after a few days with a special elastic bra. The elastic bra should be worn on a non-stop basis according to the doctor's recommendations. After 14 days, you can alternate between the post-operation bra and your classic firm bra.

Unabsorbable stitches are usually removed at the 15th-20th day after surgery. After surgery, temporary hematomas and swelling have to be anticipated. You may feel discomfort, numbness and dryness of the skin of your breasts. A patient may return to work in a week or even after a longer period of time. If she performs physically demanding work and strenuous exercise, she may return to her demanding job and/or sports after approximately 6 weeks. For 6 months, the scars on the breast should be protected from sunlight. At the beginning, the scars may protrude and be red in colour. Their fading and flattening may take several months to one year. You can help the correction of scars with creams, gels or silicone strips. However, the scars do not completely disappear. For a certain amount of time after surgery, your nipples will be more sensitive.

Effect of the procedure

The outcomes of the operation differ. They depend individually on the effects of gravity, the course of pregnancy, the age and the effects of ageing or weight fluctuations, which may cause new breast enlargement. The shape and size of the bust may, however, persist for a long time.


After each operation, bleeding and infection may occur in the wound. In order to prevent blood clots, it is advisable to exercise the lower limbs, for example, by walking around the apartment. Among other possible complications, we consider temporary or in some cases permanent loss of sensation of nipples and/or breasts.

There is also the possibility of suboptimal scarring with the formation of hypertrophic scars, marginal necrosis / death of the skin or the areola with the nipple, or an unexpected position of the nipple / asymmetry. The most common discomfort to the patients is the change in quality of skin. This is a natural condition after breast reduction, which should be treated within 3 months.

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