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We are sorry, but we cannot currently offer you vitiligo treatment with the excimer laser for technical reasons. We will be happy to inform you as soon as the situation changes.

Vitiligo is a disease characterised by a malfunction of pigment formation in pigment cells or melanocytes. In 30-40% of cases, vitiligo runs in the family.

It most often affects people with darker complexion and occurs in approximately 1-2% of the population. It usually occurs between the 20-30 years of age, but the fact that even younger children suffer from this disorder is not exceptional.  It is not infectious.

What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo presents a loss of pigment (skin melanin) in skin patches. In the affected areas, the skin is white. If the patches are in a hairy region of the head, white hair grows from it.

Eyes and ears rarely show signs of being affected. A patch is mostly located in the face, hands, feet and genitals. The extent of the disability is highly variable – from one bearing to a multiplicity of merging patches.

Other autoimmune diseases are associated with this disorder, which only confirms that it is an autoimmune disease. But it is not clear what causes vitiligo. One theory says that the disease is triggered by an emotionally stressful situation (accident, family death, etc.) or infection. Another theory posits self-destruction by the melanocytes’ own enzymes combined with inadequate protection of cells themselves. A recent theory claims that melanocytes are destroyed by neuromediators that serve to transmit the signal between nerve cells.

Laser treatment of vitiligo

At the clinic, we work with the unique XTRAC 308 nm laser, which is the only laser of its kind in Slovakia. The laser beam irradiates the area with a high dose from the UVB spectrum (308 nm), which has long been known for its healing effect on vitiligo. Excimer XTRAC laser, unlike the other methods, can work with high energy radiation levels because it does not affect surrounding healthy skin.

Since the excimer laser has been approved by the US FDA in 2000, it is considered to be the world leader in the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and atopic dermatitis among dermatologists around the world. It uses a sophisticated light system with a UVB beam focused on the affected areas. It is a highly effective, safe and painless laser that corrects the unsightly blurry skin quickly and efficiently. Concentrated light makes it possible to deliver high doses, which are necessary for vitiligo removal, without fear that the patient may experience harmful side effects, as is the case with conventional therapy.


Treatment of vitiligo with XTRAC excimer laser is offered at eveclinic Bratislava as the only one provider in SLOVAKIA, together with its affiliate clinic GÉVÉ.

Benefits of XTRAC excimer laser treatment

  • The laser beam only makes contact with the affected skin; the healthy surrounding tissue is thus not unnecessarily exposed to harmful radiation. It has no side effects.
  • You do not need to apply creams and other local preparations on the affected areas for a long time.
  • Treatment is extremely fast – 20% of the body’s surface can be treated in 5 minutes.
  • The effect of treatment is confirmed by clinical studies.
  • It is painless.
  • It also provides treatment for hard-to-reach places.

During treatment

The treatment is quick and comfortable. A doctor or a specialist nurse puts a laser applicator on the depigmented skin spot and applies a laser beam. Then he/she shifts the applicator and repeats the process. The treatment time depends on the size of vitiligo patches. Most patients are treated within a few minutes. The treatment is repeated approximately twice a week. Treatment is not painful. Most clients feel only a slight burning sensation, like after sunbathing. The number of treatment sessions depends on the location of the vitiligo, and it varies from individual to individual. On average, dozens of treatment sessions are performed. Pigmentation improvement is visible only after the sixth treatment session. The facial area usually responds best to the treatment. The area of the hands and feet requires more treatment sessions.

Side effects of treatment

The side effects of laser therapy are minimal. Most patients experience none. A small portion of the patients had a slight and short-term redness in the treated area. More serious side effects, such as blisters and hyperpigmentation, are very rare.

Treatment of vitiligo in a female paediatric patient

"A 10-year-old girl was diagnosed with vitiligo (white spots without pigment) when she was 3 years old. She has undergone light therapy and corticoid medication at a faculty hospital, unfortunately without effect. Now she is being treated with the XTRAC excimer laser at the affiliate of the Derma Medical Clinic partner clinic with excellent results. The treatment started in June 2016, and the white spots again became gradually beautifully pigmented – the latest photo status after the 77th laser application at 3/ 11/ 2016."

vitiligo treatment   vitiligo treatment
Before treatment   After treatment
vitiligo treatment   vitiligo treatment
Before treatment   After treatment


Photos for comparison of the state before and after treatment

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vitiligo treatment   vitiligo treatment
Before treatment   After treatment


vitiligo treatment   vitiligo treatment
Before treatment   After treatment


vitiligo treatment 


 vitiligo treatment



vitiligo treatment


vitiligo treatment   vitiligo treatment
Before treatment   After treatment



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