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MUDr. Simona Zaťkuliaková is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Bratislava. She successfully completed her studies with graduation in 2016 and obtained the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Even before joining the Faculty of Medicine, she was already interested in the field of surgery.

She started her professional career as a doctor at the Department of Paediatric Urology at the National Institute of Paediatric Urology in Bratislava, where she has been working ever since. She is fully involved in urological treatment, including reconstructive surgery.

In 2022, MUDr. Simona Zat'kuliaková received her attestation in urology at the Academician Ladislav Dérer Hospital in Bratislava.

She has also been involved in aesthetic medicine for a long time, especially in the field of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid and injectable mesotherapy.

MUDr. Zat'kuliaková continues to further her education and expand her knowledge in the field of urology and urological surgery. She is also a graduate of international seminars in reconstructive urology in London and Prague.

Since 2023 she has been working at the private clinic evecelinic in Bratislava, where she deals with urological surgeries (circumcision, orchiopexy, vasectomy, frenulotomy and others) and also selected procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine.

 She is fluent in English.